Regency for Expats is one of the world’s leading websites for expat health insurance an d we were chosen to rebuild their website for them to ensure its continuing success as a lead generation and information site.


We were provided designs by a third party that had to be adhered too with absolute strictness as well as keeping remaining functionality in place.


One of the other more hidden tasks was to retain the hard work that had gone into making sure this was a highly ranked page on Google so we needed to be mindful to retain as much of this previous somewhat invisible content or meta data throughout.

Our team was responsible for:

  • Setting up a streamlined development process to deliver the application as soon as possible
  • Ensuring scalability of the application so that it functions properly regardless of the number of users
  • Optimizing the platform for mobile devices using responsive design work
  • Setting up a support contract for post warranty work and maintenance of the system
  • Ensuring all leads and so forth and all forms work correctly and go to the relevant people
  • Ensuring all leads connect to the new NexGen CRM we have also built for this company
  • Implementing support for multiply types of media on the site
  • Making sure the front end worked across all devices to the look and feel guidelines from the third party company


Our team set a goal to make Regency for Expats not only functional but also technologically advanced. This was instrumental to the project’s success, as the application had to work smoothly in order to deliver a pleasant customer experience and be helpful to users.

We also needed to ensure all form validations worked and connected securely and properly to the appropriate systems for quote generations and lead management.

Our Nexsource team:

  • Streamlined the development process by selecting the most relevant technologies and using continuous integration and continuous delivery to get Regency For Expats up and running in the shortest possible time
  • Designed a secure and scalable cloud-based infrastructure to host the application, going with Azure as a reliable hosting provider and AWS as storage for digital content
  • Developed the mobile responsive version of the site
  • Implemented connections to their CRM system and Quote engine respectively.
  • Provided support for different types of media files including audio, video, images, and text
  • Developed a support and maintenance contract for post warranty work.


Nexsource helped Regency for Expats  build a scalable, secure, and fully functional application that provides instant quotes and support for the insurance sector to their potential clients.

We delivered on time and to the specifications from the third party agency as well as handled the deployment and replacement of the old site with a successful and full migration.