Quoton is a platform originally developed by Nexsource for Nexsource to assist us in qualifying (or quantifying?) (or maybe,  pre-assessing) new business leads better.  We quickly realised that we are often asking similar questions every pre-sales or fact finding meeting.  Recognizing that this was time consuming for both Nexsource and the potential customer with regard to understanding budgets and costs, we decided to automate the process.


We set about to look at our costs and rates vs the answers our new potential client would give to our industry specific questions.  We wanted to create a way to show dynamically a proposal that would show our professionalism and also allow the potential client to see our timeline and fees instantly.  Thereafter, any meetings would be made with all parties having an idea of the timeline, scope of work, and costs making it a much more transparent face-to-face with more value than previous meetings.

Following the success of the Quoton for our company, we are now making it a more commercially available tool to assist other businesses and launch it as a stand-alone product over the coming year.

Our team was responsible for:

  • Setting up a streamlined development process to deliver the application as soon as possible
  • Ensuring scalability of the application so that it functions properly regardless of the number of users
  • Optimizing the platform for web and mobile use
  • Building the entire brand and look and feel
  • Testing and ongoing feedback and modifications
  • Setting up the methods to configure the front-end as a back-end user
  • Working with various API’s and rules
  • Integration with third party applications as needed
  • Building a way on how we can commercialize the tool
  • Constantly adjusting and adding new features to match new clients’ needs
  • Developing a viable monetization model and providing lots of payment options
  • Implementing support for multiple types of media


Our team set a goal to make our lives easier and the company more successful (which we have achieved).  With the success of this tool, we recognized the opportunity to provide this qualified Lead Generation tool to a wider audience.

We have now built a customizable tool that delivers a dynamic proposal to the user within seconds of pressing the submit button.  It is a smooth, professional and dynamic application and process that we are proud of that delivers high end leads to the business using it.  It can also be used internally to support a telemarketing team.

Our Nexsource team:

  • Streamlined the development process by selecting the most relevant technologies and using continuous integration and continuous delivery to get Marshmallow up and running in the shortest possible time
  • Designed a secure and scalable cloud-based infrastructure to host the application, going with Azure as a reliable hosting provider and AWS as storage for digital content
  • Recognized an area of our business we can improve and built our own solution
  • Implemented a lead-based monetization model
  • Provided support for different types of media files including audio, video and images.


Nexsource managed to build a scalable, secure, and fully functional application that will help any company turn enquiries into new business.