Here's a Quick Way to Solve Challenges in Starting A Business

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Here's a Quick Way to Solve Challenges in Starting A Business

You want to take the road to entrepreneurship, but you are unsure when and how to start right. Successful entrepreneurs do not like to walk around blindfolded and without limbs. If you try to make everything perfect before you start, you will never start your business. I have heard people advise business owners to keep moving on from business to business until they have examined every detail and are confident it will work and be profitable.

Choosing a business name, or crafting your mission and vision, is apparent. But the equally important tasks like what type of organization or developing your business plan are daunting. They will take up much of your time. To help you organize your action plan and deal with the challenges and difficulties you will encounter, here are seven tips to follow.

Start a business that matches your personality.

Naval Ravikant, the famous philosopher CEO and investor in high-profile startups, believes in the concept of founder/product/market fit. This means that a business is an extension of the founder; it is doing something that exactly fits your personality, skills and experiences.

That is why personal success is as critical as business success. You have to work on improving yourself and integrate good habits into your life as an entrepreneur. You can make your contribution to the world more meaningful through your business by doing something that matches your personality.

Choose your focus area.

Find a niche in the market that is neither too broad nor very specific to help you define your market. Before selling your product or service, build your brand and find a community of people willing to take part in your business.

Refer to Google trends for an area of specialization that is popular from January to December.  Choose a niche that never goes out of style and trends in online searches like fashion and beauty, home essentials, baby products, and food and beverages.

Another good business tip is finding one or two reliable marketing channels and focusing on them, especially if you are just starting with limited resources. Carrying out in-depth market research in your area and the demographics of your potential customers is an integral part of creating a business plan. Research can include conducting surveys, conducting focus groups, researching SEO and public data.

Business networks are one of the most valuable ways to develop friendships with business owners in any industry. You get to know different entrepreneurs in the same place as you at some point. Talk to genuine potential buyers to determine whether they would be interested in buying your product or service.

Draw up a business feasibility study.

A startup usually fails due to a lack of operating funds. It is better to overestimate your starting capital than suffer a snag due to lack of money because it will take a while before a business becomes self-sustaining. This is why a feasibility study is beneficial before you start any business.

Good feasibility study contains the following:

  • Description of product/service.
  • Technology considerations.
  • Product/service marketplace.
  • Marketing strategy.
  • Organization/staffing.
  • Financial projections.

(One crucial element of financial planning is the break-even analysis to determine the amount of revenue you have to earn to become profitable.)

Hire the best for your team.

To quote Joe Zawadzki, CEO and founder of MediaMath, “Your product is built by people. Defining roles and responsibility, division of labour, how to give feedback, or how to work together when not everyone is in the same room will save you many headaches down the line.”

Hire the best people for a specific role to fill in your team. Character and the right work attitude are as important as the skills. After all, you can teach skills but not character. There must be trust and respect among the members to forge a solid and lasting team.

Profit not revenue

Know how to distinguish revenue from profit. A business owner may earn 6-digit revenue in six months, but it does not automatically translate to high profitability. You must achieve a high income at the least cost, thus giving you substantial profit. Strive for relatively high profits to make your business sustainable; the more profit you earn, the more money you have to expand the business.

Small steps lead to success.

Starting a business and making it successful is not a walk in the park. It takes hard work, perseverance, and discipline. There is much work to do. But do not be overwhelmed; take small steps at a time. As the saying goes, a journey starts with a single step. No problem is too big if you persevere until you reach your goal.


Whether you are a first-time or an experienced entrepreneur, you will find incredible value in the best business consulting and success tips that business owners today share. Their experiences and word of wisdom will one day be valuable. Furthermore, success may just come easier for you and your business by sticking to the proper habits and practices.

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