Software Rescue & Legacy Support

Software Rescue and Legacy Support

Lets be honest sometimes you go through multiple developers through a variety of reasons and end up with some spaghetti code.  Its an expensive undertaking but we have the skills to completely clean and rewrite most applications for you to be sure its secure and in a cleaner state.

We are also experts at managing legacy systems in a ticket support capacity with a dedicated (fixed monthly price) team taking care of the applications that your staff no longer wish to handle.  This means your key developers don’t lose motivation by managing old code and can do the more interesting things that keeps them motivated and within your company.

  • Legacy Support

    Let us manage the tickets and minor updates your clients want on your older systems.

  • Ticket Management system

    All your requests will be handled by a JIRA type tool allowing us to communicate clearly with you on all aspects of the applications we are supporting for you.

  • Software Rescue

    Project going badly?  Let us take a look at the coding for you and the reasons and give a frank and honest assessment of whether we can get this over the line for you.

  • Can’t add new Features to the old system

    Let us take a look and work out why – and see if we need to make an upgrade for you that allows you to then build the features you want to build.  Remember – IT is not meant to be hindering you.

Other Key Points To Note

  • Dedicated support Team

    You can pick how many developers you need per month to assist on your systems

  • English Speaking team

    Our Account Managers speak both Thai and English as needed to mitigate between the teams to remove communication issues.

  • Familiar with JIRA and other Ticketing software

    We are familiar with most Service Desk tools or can recommend our own that will support your business and how you interact with us.

  • Source Code NDA

    We will sign a legally binding NDA before assessing your source code and give an honest answer if its something we can or cannot work with.

  • Previous Developers

    Sometimes the relationship with he previous developers or company can make this type  of project difficult but we will work with you see the best way forward.

  • Project Failing

    If your project is way behind, failing and confidence is lost in the current team for whatever reason reach out to us and we can see what we can or cant do.  It is not always a guarantee that we will take on this work it depends on factors like clear documentation, current spaghetti code and the expectations around timelines and so on.