Bespoke Software Development

Bespoke Software Development

Bespoke development can be tricky unless done correctly. You need detail specifications, correct choices on which existing framework(s) to choose, which coding technology to apply, and of course a realistic expectation on a roll out plan (usually involving phased releases from critical down to ‘nice to have’).

It’s a long journey and needs a lot of BA work and group workshops to clear the grey areas and other issues.

It’s something we have done many times and can bring a lot to the table for such a venture.

  • Workshops

    You will work with key Nexsource staff to develop the documentation and specifics around this venture.

  • Choice of Technology

    Our Software Architects will ensure that the right choices are made regarding which coding language and platform best best suit this project.

  • Project Management

    A Nexsource Project manager will ensure that all milestones, timelines and communication (is) are done via weekly sprints to key project owners.

  • Development Team

    All coding will be done by an assigned development team under the guidance of our company CTO to ensure quality and minimization of BUGS.

  • Professional Workshops

    Key people in the room, White Board, Q and A, and of course full minutes and post meeting documentation…what more do you need?

  • Mobile Friendly Design

    All our projects are built with Responsive and Mobile Design System logic in mind.

Other Key Points to note

  • Security and Hosting

    We always recommend that we host on the Cloud environment and have a Test, UAT and production structure.  We also will use a central source code repository.

  • Support and Maintenance

    And of course, we don’t leave you once the work is done – we have a signed SLA with you, a warranty period and support agreement for the year to be sure we are on hand for any issues, new features and growth of the application(s).