IT Consultancy

Professional IT consultancy

Sometimes some projects are not that obvious in terms of what direction you want to take as a business or as an individual.  It often saves more money to pay for some professional advice before undertaking a project that is going in the wrong direction.  Speak to our experts before you make any critical decisions.

  • Assessment

    We will assess your current systems and the required business processes and objectives to get a feel of your current situation.

  • Suggestions

    Once we get an understanding of your current situation vs. your long-term plans, we will create a strategy for you based on the best technologies and latest best practices.

  • Application Creation

    Whether we need to build something bespoke, integrate or improve your current system, or generally overhaul your technical setup, this is all within our capability.

  • No obligation

    All our assessment and work created will be documented for you to seek other vendors and service providers as needed.  There will be no obligation to use Nexsource, we only want to give you the best advice and technical assistance to the best of our ability when consulting with you.

Other Key Points To Note

  • Experience

    We have over 20 years’ experience within the tech sector.

  • Business Processes

    Having worked across so many industries, we can easily work with and track the way your business flows and how it should work alongside technology.

  • On Site Workshops or Visits to your Offices

    These projects are best done face to face with key people so we are more than happy to talk about travelling to you as needed.

  • Long Term not Sure Term

    We look at these opportunities to consult with you as a way to showcase our skills and to work with you as long-term partners.  There will be no short-term gain solutions or advice from our team.

  • Specific Technologies

    If you have some software that you need us to assess for an upgrade or general feedback, we can advise if we have that particular expertise in-house.

  • Daily Rates

    Our consultancy fee will be fixed at daily rates and once we receive your brief, we will give you an indication of the time we need to spend with you to ensure that this is not just an endless workshop with no sign-off or end game.