Mobile App Design

Mobile Application Development - Native and Hybrid

Working in a competitive market, you can’t afford to release a mobile application that blends in with thousands of others or strays from its vision. The best mobile application developer for you will:

  • Translate your vision into a valuable end product
  • Pair an intuitive user interface with an irresistible design that fits your brand
  • Use extensive real-world testing to ensure your application works perfectly on a variety of operating systems, devices, and software versions
  • Expose your application to a wide audience and help it stand out from competitors’ applications

If you don’t invest in a mobile application developer dedicated to turning your ideas into a remarkable end product, you will waste time and money on an inferior application that doesn’t motivate people to buy. This could damage your brand and create a loss of market share to competitors.

  • Mobile Application Conception and Development

    Nexsource will meet with your team to hear its vision for a mobile application. Then, relying on its expertise and outside perspective, we will architect a plan to execute your vision within the capabilities of current technology. Nexsource will give input on how to achieve your vision effectively without sacrificing functionality or a beautiful design.

  • Extensive Mobile Application Testing

    Nexsource will put the prototype of your application through a battery of tests. Instead of relying on the pristine conditions of lab testing, Nexsource takes its tests into the real world and performs them on real devices instead of emulators. Nexsource’s testing ensures that the application works on both iOS and Android platforms, on a range of devices, and even on outdated software so every user can enjoy a seamless experience.

  • Mobile Application Launch and Marketing

    Nexsource will prepare your application for launch, handling all the necessary work to get the application onto the App Store and approved on that platform. Nexsource will then offer actionable advice that you can use to reach as many potential users as possible in a marketing plan that fits its budget.

  • Application Maintenance, Training, and Support

    Relying on its expertise and familiarity with your application, Nexsource’s developers will offer application maintenance, minor upgrades, and support for a 30-day period following the launch. We can also provide a Support and Maintenance agreement on request or as needed.

Key Points to remember for any Mobile Project

  • Native or Hybrid

    Let our team choose the most fitting solution to match your application and budget plus the applications complexity.

  • Develop your vision into an irresistible application

    Let us make your design and ideas a reality.

  • Pair an intuitive user interface with an irresistible design

    Design and functionality need to meet in the middle – we can guide you in this area.

  • Back End Management

    We will build the system behind the application, allowing you to manage content, videos, users, updates and so much more.

  • Integrate to Other Systems

    Need the App to push and pull data according to your business needs? No problem, we can build or work with current API’s.

  • Customer Service

    You will be assigned an account manager and a Project manager throughout the entire process.