Nexgen CRM Software

NexGen - beyond a standard CRM tool

At Nexsource we assess what your company needs to function (workflow) and we build this flow into our existing NexGen platform.

Our tool is fully customizable and we endeavor through initial workshops to make sure every page and flow fits perfectly to assist and enhance the day-to-day efforts of your team and company.

  • Work Flow

    Mapped to fit your processes

  • Lead Management

    Brings all inbound leads into one central area while dealing with duplications, lead assignment, tracking of leads, and many other features.

  • Client Management

    All the activities, contact information, documentation, comments, proposals and many other features are in one central area for your team to effectively manage your customer needs.

  • Automated Calling

    We can create a calling pool or allow calls direct from the system of the client dashboard (not sure if this is what the phrase wants to say) by integration to your PBX.

Other Key Features of our software

  • Calendar

    Inbuilt or can connect to Exchange or Gmail for full management of appointments, reminders and other activities.

  • Documentation

    Manage client files to a central area within each client dashboard.

  • Data Migration

    We will script all your old data into the new sleek system – so don’t worry about the journey to a new platform.

  • Inbuilt Emails

    Have your communication with customers in one central area – we can integrate with Microsoft Exchange or G Suite as part of our services.

  • Reporting and Status

    Full reports on sales and conversions can be fully customized for director or manager level.

  • Defined User access and Roles

    Defined roles will allow people to see only what they need to be able to fulfill their function efficiently; likewise, alerts and steps when other parties are passing tasks within the team are possible.