Marshmallow is a concept based on people meeting people to date based on picking a venue first and then seeing who wants to potentially match with you to go there.  In short we had to design the brand, name, google mapping, location settings and of course the matching, chat and search algorithm.



In short we wanted to provide the same ability to view and like or not like people in the same fashion as many dating apps but to speed up and encourage actually meeting people.  This app allows people to match and already have a venue pre-agreed so they can simply then agree the best time for them both.  The technical issues come from making sure the right people match, the geo-locations are correct and of course all the other complications associated with a dating tool.

Our team was responsible for:

  • Setting up a streamlined development process to deliver the application as soon as possible
  • Ensuring scalability of the application so that it functions properly regardless of the number of users
  • Optimizing the platform for all mobile devices
  • Building the entire brand and look and feel
  • Testing and ongoing feedback and modifications
  • Submission and working with Android and the Play-store
  • Working with various API’s and rules from Facebook and other key registration areas for the user
  • Integration with third party applications as needed
  • Back end tool for managing the system
  • Developing a viable monetization model and providing lots of payment options
  • Implementing support for multiple types of media
  • Constantly cross checking what the competition is doing and providing
  • Updating the framework due to constant releases and patches so the app is not affected on performance

Create, categorize and share creative content


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Our team set a goal to make Marshmallow  not only functional but also technologically advanced. This was instrumental to the project’s success, as the application had to work smoothly in order to deliver a pleasant customer experience and be useful to users.

This app is still at the testing stage and we are gathering user feedback now on the front end processes and on stand by to adjust as needed.  However the framework, database, API and everything is good to go – we just want to be sure as does the client that before the marketing launch its as ready as it can be!

Our Nexsource team:

  • Streamlined the development process by selecting the most relevant technologies and using continuous integration and continuous delivery to get Marshmallow up and running in the shortest possible time
  • Designed a secure and scalable cloud-based infrastructure to host the application, going with Azure as a reliable hosting provider and AWS as storage for digital content
  • Developed mobile applications for the two most popular mobile operating systems − iOS and Android based on a Hybrid Ionic framework
  • Implemented a subscription-based monetization model with flexible subscription options for the amount of dates that can be created (in the back-end ready to launch post user mass and based on certain targets being hit)
  • Provided support for different types of media files including audio, video, images, and te


Nexsource has managed to build a scalable, secure, and fully functional application that we hope brings people together and avoids the endless chats involved in other dating apps.  Talk in person!  Marshmallow is trying to enter a saturated but unique marketplace but we believe this product has the best chance of success based on the team that built it.  If something is worth trying then we want to be sure we do our role as professionally as possible to give this application every possible chance to thrive.

We hope Marshmallow will become to the go-to App for actually meeting people from all around the world instead of just collecting ‘matches’.