Move AHead Media CRM



MAM is an SEO and Digital Marketing company that operates in the UK, Australia and Thailand. The company was started in 2010 and it was established out of the desire to provide custom made SEO services. Over the years, MAM has developed into a full-service digital agency who has grown to be a results driven agency that delivers results time and time again.


MAM needed custom designed software to allow them to streamline their services internally.

Since they offer a range of product lines worked on at different stages by different resources, MAM reached out to Nexsource for advice on a solution.

Since an off the shelf CRM provided too much complication and their requirements were unique, Nexsource set about building a bespoke tool.  Using the fundamentals of our extensive code libraries, Nexsource built them a cutting-edge solution.

Our team was responsible for:

  • Setting up a streamlined development process to deliver the application as soon as possible
  • Ensuring scalability of the application so that it functions properly regardless of the number of users
  • Optimizing the platform for all users
  • Assessing the business flow of each division and team
  • Creating the software and UX to match the business and team needs
  • Setting up a support process
  • Managing and setting up their necessary infrastructure
  • Data migration from previous and now redundant system
  • Training and guidance
  • Testing and ongoing feedback and modifications
  • Integration with third party applications as needed
Move AHead Media CRM


Our team set a goal to make the process at Move Ahead Media as simple as possible to allow them to better deliver, monitor and improve their services.

By listening carefully to their management and staff about their needs, we created a platform that we will improve month by month as we add layers to it to cover their current requirements. (By listening carefully to their management and staff about their needs, we created a platform that we will improve month by month as we add layers to it to cover their current requirements.)  This was instrumental to the project’s success, as the application had to work smoothly in order to deliver a pleasant customer experience and be useful to users.

Our Nexsource team:

  • Streamlined the development process by selecting the most relevant technologies and using continuous integration and continuous delivery to get NexGen up and running for this client in the shortest possible time
  • Designed a secure and scalable cloud-based infrastructure to host the application, going with Azure as a reliable hosting provider and AWS as storage for digital content
  • Developed a robust application that suited (that suited what?)
  • Implemented a subscription-based monetization model with flexible subscription options for the amount of dates (amount of dates?) that can be created (in the back-end ready to launch post user mass (post user mass?) and based on certain targets being hit)
  • Provided support for different types of media files including audio, video and images.


Nexsource managed to build a scalable, secure, and fully functional application that brings scalability and smoother processes to Move Ahead Media.

This was achieved by careful listening and planning and then adjusting our NexGen platform to encompass the working models that form the Move Ahead Media business.