NexGen is our software foundation for most large projects – we like to think it has 70% of the features your company will need for sales and client management and we then customize and build the remaining parts based on discussions with your business team.



Nexgen is an ongoing project where new clients request something unique that’s specific to their business. Our job is to understand what this is exactly and how it all relates internally to your business and other systems you may be using, and how Nexgen can basically connect them all and allow your users to perform their unique roles.

With every new client we need to carefully map the tool to their business logic and be sure it firmly adheres to their working processes.

Every client sees a unique set of forms and functions specific to them.

Currently NexGen and its versions are used across 5 different countries.

Our team was responsible for:

  • Conducting workshops to understand your business logic
  • Preparing timeline and modular planning along with associated costs and risk assessment
  • Setting up a streamlined development process to deliver the application as soon as possible
  • Ensuring scalability of the application so that it functions properly regardless of the number of users
  • Optimizing the platform for mobile devices
  • Building trust between users and the platform
  • Integration to third party software and payment gateways
  • Continually adding new features and functions to support the business direction
  • Implementing support for the live system

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Our team can quickly assess if Nexgen is the right platform for you based on just an initial meeting and discussion.

Using this application means we have a base from which we can build you a 100% fully modified tool that is fitted to your exact needs.  This is full customization with no limitations as it is not a shared solution to other clients.

If you are facing a tough choice on what to choose that can be flexible and still deliver, this is what you likely need…so reach out to us.

Our Nexsource team:

  • Streamlined the development process by selecting the most relevant technologies and using continuous integration and continuous delivery to get NexGen up and running.
  • Designed a secure and scalable cloud-based infrastructure to host the application, going with Azure as a reliable hosting provider
  • Developed over 50 features and processes over time that are added monthly or as requested to constantly grow the application’s usefulness.
  • Provided support for different levels of critical issues using a Service Desk application for the client


Nexsource Group helped Alliance build a scalable, secure, and fully functional application that brings together their business internal processes, their sales team and their clients.

The combination of our client’s brilliant business idea and handpicked development technologies and approaches has created a tool that is used across 3 countries in different manners by over 100 unique users reaching and supporting 1000’s of clients and 1000’s of business leads.