Nexgen CRM Software

Nexgen CRM Software


At Nexsource we assess what your company needs to function (workflow) and we build this flow into our existing NexGen platform. Our tool is fully customisable and we gather
the needed changes to fit it to your business via back and forth workshops and presentations.

  • Business Analysis
Assessment and understand of your business
and current workflow.
  • Workflow and Modular Development
Presentation and development of the modules needed to fit your company process around our application.
  • Support and Partnership

Long term strategy and support exists to enable Nexsource and our tool to grow alongside you.

  • Workflow

Mapped to fit your processes.

  • Lead Management

Brings all inbound leads into the one central area

  • Client dashboard

Fully manage your clients.

  • Reporting

Management reporting tools.

  • Calendars

Track and organize your time.

  • Notes/documents

Keep notes and documents in your client dashboard.

  • API’s

Pull leads into the system automatically.

  • Automated calling

Click and call for your staff.